Sunday, May 15, 2011


The summer vacation months of March until May is best spent in the Philippines with a refreshingly cool trip to the two most popular mountain resort cities of Baguio and Tagaytay.

From Manila, a northern trip to Baguio City by bus takes an average commute of an arduous five hours on the road as compared to an hour and a half relaxing trip to the southern Luzon part of Tagaytay City.

Tagaytay City is now officially developed as a national tourist attraction site. The road going to this popular mountain resort destination is surprisingly smooth and well paved as it affords a relaxing opportunity for leisure driving.

Tagaytay City boasts of many natural splendors. At the peak of Tagaytay City, one can enjoy the spectacular cool views of majestic Taal Volcano set amidst the serene Taal Lake. Tagaytay City is a nature lover's dream paradise. Its fertile soil and cool climate makes it ideal for organic farming, fruit and flower culturing.

Tagaytay City is intimately enticing the affluent city dwellers to build a second vacation home for possible retirement in this relaxing mountain city resort atmosphere. The all year round cool weather environment makes it a perfect choice for retirement of overseas Filipino returning citizens who have been accustomed to comfortably cool weather in their foreign country of work.

One of the most exclusive and elegantly designed residential subdivision newly developed in Tagaytay City is Tagaytay Heights. Tagaytay Heights is an upscale residential subdivision strategically located beside Mahogany Meat and Fruits Market along Mahogany National Road, Tagaytay City.

Tagaytay Heights is securely situated on the right side of Mahogany Road a few minutes drive from Tagaytay Rotonda. Its main features are the strict 24 hours security with a guarded main gate that allows regulated access only to residents and visitors with prior clearance.

It was envisioned by the developers as a first class residential project and was intelligently planned by urban master planner Palafox and Associates, the same team that designed the multi-millionaire residential subdivision of Ayala Alabang Village in Muntinlupa City.

Tagaytay Heights is well equipped with its own water supply system and has a full size swimming pool for the recreational enjoyment of its resident owners.

The Community Clubhouse is expansively spacious enough to accommodate private birthdays, debuts, graduations, and even weddings of the proud exclusive residents who often hold their special functions within the elegant and natural ambience of the subdivision. These functional amenities are for the exclusive use of Tagaytay Heights lot owners and residents only and not available for public use.

The thoughtful developers require that all existing lot owners must build a minimum specification of PHP2 Million Pesos for house construction to maintain the high quality and structural aesthetics of a premiere residential subdivision.

Surprisingly, lot owners have responded favorably and some have already built their residences with an average finished costs of beyond Five Million Pesos. Nearby elegant and expensive houses are already built and occupied by friendly neighbors who enjoy weekly fresh meat grilling cookouts right in front of their well manicured lawns. Most of all, the cool weather and fresh mountain air herein at Tagaytay Heights everyday makes it an ideal place for family weekend relaxation and secluded retirement.

Building your own vacation resort house in secure Tagaytay Heights is definitely the best alternative to owning a leisure investment property with maximum income generating potential. A typical 4 bedroom house can be well designed for functional use such that it can even be rented out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to endless vacationers who find it more practical to stay in a fully furnished and comfortable mountain-resort house as compared to an expensive but cramped hotel or condominium suite.

Because of the subdivision's strategic location within Tagaytay City, there are no more lots available for sale as residents have quickly taken up the opportunity to build their second vacation homes at this prime location. Elegant upscale houses are intelligently built and well distributed along the subdivision prime lots with permanent residents enjoying adequate strong water supply and electric, cable and fiber-optic capable facilities.

However, there is still one prime lot that can be availed of; which is located next to a corner lot on the central road of Mint Street, the subdivision's main road. This is a 252 square meters prime main road semi corner lot that is currently available for resale at cash price of PHP2.5 Million Pesos or US$61,000. Typical 2 Bedroom House and Lot Packages start at PHP9 Million Pesos or US$220,000.

If you would like a personal viewing appointment of this superb lot, please call 632-6594919 or 63917-9260300 or email inquiries at for presentation by owner of authenticated title ownership and tax declaration.

For your assured protection against fraud and peace of mind, buyer is hereby advised to conduct your property transaction directly with this registered owner only and not with unauthorized persons purporting to represent or offering to sell other Tagaytay Heights properties.